Pet Policy    

We love pets, but we have a few requirements:

Pet Deposits:

  • Cats                                                         $300
  • Dogs (under 30 pounds)             $500
  • Dogs (over 30 pounds)                $750

Monthly Pet Rent
  • $15.00 per pet

Refund of deposits: 
  • call for information as details may vary.

Number of pets:

  • We do not accept more than 2 pets per unit

Weight Limits:

  • We do not accept dogs over 50 pounds
  • Both pets together cannot exceed a combined weight of 50 pounds

Property Restrictions: 

  • 5200 Dogs allowed in lower units with yards only
  • 5601 Dogs allowed in lower units with yards only
  • 5727 No dogs allowed
  • 6011 Dogs allowed in lower units with yards only
  • 7130 No dogs allowed in A and B units
  • All other properties have no restrictions

Dog Breed Restrictions:

  • We do not allow the following aggressive dog breeds.  Call our office regarding any questions about any other possible aggressive breeds.
    • Pit Bulls
    • German Shepherds
    • Rottweilers

Dog Leash Law

  • All pets are required to be on leash.
  • Violation Fee                $ 50 to $500

Dog Parks

  • We offer a private dog park for our residents at the Bungalos and the Verandas.  The dog park is complete with a private bathroom, grill, cabanas, outdoor lounge beds and fireplace.

Picking up after your pet:

  • Owner is responsible to pick up after their pet
  • We take great offense to dog owners not picking up after their dog.  It is extremely inconsiderate to the other residents and to our hardworking porters. 
  • Please help us stop this offense.  If you see a resident directly violating this ordinance, simply snap a picture, send it to [email protected] or [email protected] anonymously, and we will handle the rest.
  • Violation Fee - $50 to $500
  • After several offenses, we could terminate the lease.
  • We take your personal health and cleanliness very seriously.

Pet Sitting:

  • We do not allow pet sitting.
  • We consider pet sitting the same as harboring a pet without a deposit.
  • The resident will be in violation of the lease and be charged a $500 fine on top of the deposit and pet fees required in the lease.
  • Please not that we may terminate the individual’s lease depending on the breed of pet found and the location of the unit.